Feb 272013

The fact that almost every year universities increase their tuition fees and there are a lot of parents who can’t afford anymore to send their children to school to pursue their dreams. Aside from the school fees, the overpriced college textbooks which supposedly shouldn’t be that way the more college seems far to reach to some individuals in our society


Well, any person who have the determination and goals, no matter how tough the financial situation is, some still able to finish a certain course just like myself and one of my friends. Although in my times 12 years ago we don’t have Slugbooks where we can buy the cheapest textbooks yet I am still grateful and blessed. Thus, I don’t want anyone to be left untold to try out slugBooks because huge savings is really guaranteed. Just spend a couple of minutes searching on their website then you are good. Now is maybe the time for you to cease visiting expensive bookstores in order to get your Law textbooks. Think about it guys!


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    oh my! made me think where my college days have gone in my memory! I can’t remember any college text book… hahaha or maybe it depends upon which course also… i just remember how frequent we were at National Bookstore for art supplies, etc…

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