Feb 012013
Thanks to God we are now in the very first day of the 2nd month of the year. I am so excited as the month begins with good stuff in us. Today is Nestor Elementary School assembly at the same time giving of “Good Stuff” Award and my son Daniel is to receive one. Hmmm… it is a surprise actually and he is not aware about the award to receive in a while. 
We received a letter from his French immersion class adviser days ago and as parents of course we are so curious to know what award that is to receive. Soon we will find out that anyway. 
In some other point, today, the starting point of the month I have challenged myself to be responsible to this blog Mom’s Villa. With that, I will do my very best to do the daily posting, anything that would come to this journey of life as a mom to two hyperactive kids, wife, blogger, learner and a soul seeker.

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