Feb 022013
I couldn’t get to focus lately. My mind always wondering. It is hard battling this kind of mindset. I am bored! Although I tried several ways already to overcome such boredom but it still strikes on me. I borrowed tons of books already from the Library and couldn’t start reading them. I need encouragement and more strong push to get back on track. I abhor a time like this. 
As boredom strikes along my way, this is what I often do, capture images of my lovely daughter. She was sick when I captured this, in fact till now she’s still not feeling well due to the cold. Son turned over his virus to her days ago and I’m wishing it won’t bother to pass by on me as we’ll be in big trouble.

Today is so cold outside. Winter still dangling around! I’m leaving these photos to anyone to see.
Thanks for coming by guys. May you have a blissful time ahead.

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