Feb 192013
I am currently reading another parenting book to broaden my parenting line. And every ideas and information I gathered I would be glad to impart it to my readers. Who knows they are also struggling in parenting as I do. Although I don’t have that much time to read but I am trying hard to manage my time so that I can read even 30 minutes a day any parenting book.
Anyway Parenting a Preschooler with a Purpose is currently I have from the local library. The book discusses in details the 40 Developmental Assets for Early Childhood. It is actually applicable to children ages 3 to 5. This time I’ll tackle first the External Assets. What falls to this category is the support which is also sub-divided into 6 main sources as you can read below.
1. Family support- Parent(s) and/or primary caregivers provide the child with high levels of consistent and predictable love, physical care, and positive attention in ways that are responsive to the child’s individuality.
2. Positive family communication- Parent(s) and/or primary caregivers expresses themselves positively and respectfully, engaging young children in conversations that invite their input.
3. Other adult relationships- With the family’s support, the child experiences consistent, caring relationships with adults outside the family.
4. Caring Neighbors- The child’s network of relationships includes neighbors who provide emotional support and a sense of belonging.
5. Caring climate in child-care and educational settings- Caregivers and teachers create environments that are nurturing, accepting, encouraging, and secure.
6. Parent involvement in child care and education- Parent(s), caregivers, and teachers together create a consistent and supportive approach to fostering the child’s successful growth.
That’s all for now- the External Assets. Next to it is EMPOWERMENT which will be tackled in the next post.  

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