Jan 202013
Hi folks! During your high school or elementary days have you ever experienced asking somebody to write for your essay? I know it sounds awkward but that happens to many students. Uttering write my essay for me to your classmates is not actually new during my days. Laziness to think might be the possible reason why. 
English is not the only academic subject that does require essay writing but there are many others like for example is in my home country where people speak different languages. There was a scenario during my school days where my classmate’s seat-mate copied everything her work during the exam including the essay answers. Guess why? The reason is that student who copied work mostly showed up only during exams period. Although the teacher did not watch the students, but upon checking the papers she could determine who is the original, right? 
Remembering the moments how I able to surpass the trials and hardships given by the teachers just make me smile. Even though it was almost 10 years already but the memories seems still fresh in my mind. Now I have two kids that started stepping on their schooling journey, what I’ve keep on praying is that they’ll be a good in school and won’t give us a headache.

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