Jan 252013
Reminiscing the blissful moments we had as a family spending quality vacation back home in wonderful hotels makes me wonder if when those precious moments will happen again. I miss it, especially the scrumptious foods and the enticing white sand beach. By now the photos are only the visual evidence that makes memories alive.

At this very moment after all the hard-works spent I wish one day my family will be given a chance to experience a different environment like in any of Brunswick Georgia hotels. We never have been there so it would be so exciting.

As just an average individual who needs to work hard in order to achieve whatever future vacation plans, hotel promo or any discount provided is definitely a great savings.

Actually during spare time hubby and often discussed about our vacation plan, the country and the budget we need to raise for the four of us- from plane ticket, hotel, food and souvenirs as I love collecting those. And if God permits our family plan, we will do it during summer as kids are off from school.

How about you folks, do you also envisioned for a quality vacation together with your family? If you do where it is particularly?

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