Jan 082013
Every time I purchase stuff whether for personal or household use I always prefer going to the store no matter online or offline as long as I have wide product selections. Naturally, I compare the quality, price and the company’s credibility.
In today’s business trend, majority have their own websites for online transactions regardless if how big or small the business is, and how long have been operating in the industry. To reach more people and gain more visibility are mainly the reasons behind. One example of my newly found company that is opening their reach to online world is Radiall. They offer multiple technical products in a high grade quality for numerous business industries such as Telecom, Aerospace, Industrial, and Medical and so forth. 
FYI, this company I found has been in the operation since 1950 and till now going strong and have received several quality awards. I tested their website searching ARINC 404 connectors, and the result was so impressive. The user-friendly search bar which even elementary grade would know how to use it loaded the result of my product search so quickly just like a wink of an eye. Based from their website performance and appearance down to product quality and company profile, I can tell that this company is way ahead of its competitors. 

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