Jan 112013
I had left my kids educational stuffs in the Philippines as I believed that there are more and advance here in BC. Yes, I am right with that, we can find more and advance here as long as there’s money. Oh money, please always magnetize me. lol!
Anyway, bit by bit I am collecting educational stuffs for my children to help develop their cognitive skills. And this Mighty Mind that won the parents’ choice award is one of them. It surely keeps my kids busy for hours and not only that, it can make them smarter as well. Isn’t that awesome? Its cost is $21 Cnd plus tax at my favorite bookstore here in BC (British Columbia).

As mom’s wishful thinking, hopefully by next time I could grasp the rest of this puzzles for free (wink). I really want to collect Mighty Mind’s Puzzles for my kids.

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