Dec 202012
We bought a pre-built gingerbread house kit at Costco for the kids to work on. Its cost is pretty cheap $6.99 + tax compared to the first store where we saw it almost $20.00. The kids were bugged me the first time they saw it, so wish granted that we found a cheaper one. 
After we had our dinner they started the decoration of the gingerbread house. They were so excited! My son wanted to eat a piece but I refused, he can have all of it after Christmas only. lol! 

The making was fun and they really can’t resist not to have some of the beads. heheheh. They work and eat at the same time.

(Above) The result of the hard-work, 0ur tiny gingerbread house with a tiny Christmas tree outside.

We all have fun and the stuff is so cute!

 Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all will be having extraordinary holiday experience before the New Year arise.

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