Dec 282012

I have a friend who just migrated to Australia two years ago and she took an English class to develop her knowledge both verbal and written. Actually the way she speaks when I spoke to her was pretty impressive, but you know it is her choice if she wants to enhance further.  Learning is part of life and in fact there is no age basis in learning. As long as you are determined to learn well go for it, follow your dreams.

Back to my friend, she told me the last time we spoke on the phone the hardship she had been through with her English class. She encountered words that she never met before. Their professor gave them tons of essays in various topics. She added, she had enough essay in Austalia. She seeks all the help in the world when she struggled writing her essay before.

When it comes to help, actually students right now are so fortunate because anywhere they can find help for their studies. During my time, I did things on my own in order to pass because my parents were expecting too much from me. I don’t want to disappoint them because it might be the cause for not sending me to the university. We are just poor so I really need to work harder.

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