Nov 162012
We have received a memo from my son’s teacher a week ago regarding the upcoming concert to be held in Coquitlam. The school will be participating the event which will occur next week but we have not decided yet whether to witness it or not. For me I would like to go to escape sometimes the life full of work. 
Life is great when you mix it with pleasure, not just purely work. Do you agree with me folks? Just like my friend she just phoned me and tackled about Taylor Swift Tickets and Maroon 5 Concert. Her family is always out enjoying life to the fullest and go home with a huge smile on their face. I wish life is as that easy for us. Yesterday she asked me if I am interested to purchase Pink Concert Tickets so we could watch the concert together. Guess what I answered. I told her free tickets would be very much appreciated. Deep inside I really want to see those three music artists, I am their fan for you to know.

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