Nov 262012
Last Sunday was the grand opening of Coquitlam Public Library after they relocate it to a different area around Coquitlam. There were free popcorn and coffee that was given away. 
I like their new place because it looks cozy and eyes-friendly. The first image is the appearance of the New Arrival section which you can see right after you enter to the main door. I gave it a big Thumbs Up! 

The new library is bigger than the old one and of course more computers are being added. There is an exclusive room for story telling hour for small children. So far I have not let my daughter joined the story telling time but maybe anytime in the future. It is also a great time for my girl to mingle with other children since she`s not in proper school yet.

During the opening there was a coloring contest but unfortunately my kiddos didn`t able to reach it as we arrived there late. So I just let them color with the extra coloring paper found on the kids` section table. So here they are in the photos doing their work.

 My daughter 4 y.o daughter Aquira, she`s concentrating as I told her it`s a contest and there`s a big prize. lol!

                        My son Daniel focusing as well on his work as he is so excited with the prize. lol!
I am very grateful that there is such a library close to us just 5 minute walk that has the educational things that I need for my children. It is our second place next to home, a place that would mold our minds into a smarter individual.

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