Oct 232012
If you’re a new business owner or have your own office space while working independently, you’re probably wondering what supplies you will need. Of course there are the obvious supplies such as mailer envelopes and garbage bags, but since you’re new to this there are other accessories you might overlook. In order to be organized ahead of time, make a list or do some research online or via a business book. You’ll need to write down supplies on your notepad, from wholesale plastic bags to mailers envelopes. That way you will be prepared and ready to create a successful business with reliable employees as well.
Desk Area – Some of the supplies that you’ll need on your desk area include writing paper, composition books, and note pads. In order to write on your note pads and other paper supplies you’ll also need blue or black pens and also red pens if you feel they will be beneficial. Don’t forget about markers and highlighters too. If you feel your employees will use other tools such as a calendar, dry-board or appointment book, consider these supplies as well.
For the storage area underneath a desk or within the drawers in a desk, you’ll need hanging folders, file folders, tabs, binders, and more. You’ll also need an assortment of sticky notes to write down notes while on the phone with customers and business associates. Don’t forget about tabs, staples, rubber bands, paper clips, and glue too. See, there are many supplies to stock up on for your new business space!
Restroom and Lunch Room – Even if you only have yourself as owner and employee of your business or a few employees, you still need supplies for your lunch room and restroom too. Purchase refreshments for when business associates stop by and for employees as well. You will need napkins, coffee supplies, and drinking cups. Don’t forget the plates, cups, and other lunch room supplies as well!
Cleaning supplies for the restroom are also important to keep things tidy and sanitized. These supplies should include paper towels, hand soap, sponges, cleaner for the sink and other supplies you think are necessary. You’ll also need toilet cleaner, hand sanitizer and always keep a plunger near the restroom as well in case of a potential toilet blockage.
Of course the list can go on and on, so use your best judgment and purchase supplies in bulk that you feel are the most needed! Soon enough you’ll have a spiffy space with all of the supplies you need to create a successful business space.
Sierra is a freelance writer and though she doesn’t have her own office space yet, it never hurts to plan ahead!

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