Oct 162012
During good weather I mostly go to the park together with my little daughter since she has not started going to school here Canada. Actually I am so eager to send her to school but the government schools won’t accept 4 year old. So she needs to wait. There are private schools close to us but we need to pay and I find it so expensive. When I made my inquiries in two preschools, PS-1 has the monthly fee of $700+ CA and PS-2 is $900+. 
My two children started schooling in the Philippines at the age of  2 1/2 in one of the private schools in Lapu-Lapu City. This time in CA my youngest is stuck in the house but that is okay she’s with me. I tutor her in the house and during good weather I bring her to the park and mall for window shopping. lol!
In the community where we are I like it a lot because we’re so close to everything: like a pool for swimming, park for everybody, gym, and most of all mall for window shopping. lol! I remember when I went to the park with my daughter I tried to use their exercising outdoor equipments. And my daughter can’t just watch me, she really loves to do or try what I do. Take a look at her in the video, isn’t she enjoying her exercise? Come on, you tell me! heheheh

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