Oct 272012
Today I woke late since I also off late to bed last night. My mind started questioning me due to my bad dream last night. It seems my dream denotes something about my life, I don’t know. Last night I tried to beautify my other blog but my mind didn’t correlate with my hands and eyes. It was not that fruitful night to me. The only good thing happened was the bread I made, it was not burn. It was properly done. 
As of today, the sky is dark because of the heavy rain, and sad to tell that my day is getting magnetized with the bad day. I started my self-learning with the free Adobe Photoshop CS6 I downloaded weeks ago and made more research about the usage of the tools and others. Soon it will expire and I just started today the learning after the years of hibernation in Photoshop. My mind turned upside down today and I yelled to my  little bitsy spiders. Sorry for that cobweb.
I want to shut off my mind and hibernate for days and be back once everything turns better. Oh, life! I want to catch all the raindrops!

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