Sep 122012
My two little monkeys got the cold. First was the boy then two days after the girl. Oh, the virus! As usual it started with runny nose and itchy throat. Both of them are now coughing so I started giving them one half teaspoon of honey each of them. And give them a massage before going to bed. During this moment honey and Vicks vapor rub are my best friends. I put a little amount of vicks on a bowl with hot water then keep stirring it while the three of us are inside the blanket. In this way the kids can breathe very well from their stuffy nose. And after this session, I apply vicks on their feet and let them wear their socks before going to bed. Honestly these little ways help my kids throughout the night while they are suffering from cold.
By the way, you should not give your child the honey if he/she`s under 1 year old because it can cause infantile botulism.

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