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I have mentioned before that I was so obsessed in owning the book entitled 123 Magic because I badly want to fix the bad behavior of my 2 children (4 y.o. and 3 y.o.). I tried numerous approach already but seemed did not worked. Sometimes I became in desperate because as I mother I felt of being a failure when it comes to disciplining my kids.
1-2-3 Magic Parenting Book
When I have read positive reviews of the book 123 Magic authored by Thomas W. Phelan I tried getting my copy online, but it was not a success because of the seller’s fault. So when I get here in Canada and since we live closer to the public library I didn’t wasted my time, I looked right away for such book that I’ve been craving for a long time.

Now, after reading a few of the chapters I already came into the point of real application. It is a big challenge to both of my kids and to me as the mother who is using it. Hubby is not in that book because the kids are already afraid and listen to him. One to two calls the kids will listen to him and there right away. So he’s lucky!

In the basic testing tactics, my daughter is using the threat and Martyrdom. She’s good in those 2 tactics. Example of Martyrdom is “mommy doesn’t love me anymore (that’s accompanied with crying).” For Threat “I’ll not eat my dinner,” “I’ll go back to the Philippines, grandma loves me.” So those are the phrases used by my 3 y.o.daughter. While my son’s favorites are Badgering and Threat. As a mother, I have to deal with this behavior. God is with me, I will be able to fix them soon.

How about you guys, what did you do with your kids bad behavior? Maybe you can give me some suggestions; it will be very much appreciated.

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    I ignore them though still keep a watchful eye on them sometimes, they just crave attention.


    Great info. I will recommend this to my wife.


    The martyrdom and threat tactics are usually what kids do. :D For me, communication is the big key here to understanding each side of the coin and getting the discipline well.


    haha nice idea for… i will remember this when i become a mom… :)


    I have 2 kids, a boy and a girl, but just like your husband, they follow/listen to what I say. May that book guide you…


    Thanks for sharing that book! I know I need all the help in disciplining my 6-year old girl. Seriously, you are heaven sent, as I’m at wits end at trying to find tactics at disciplining my kid. thank you!


    I don’t have kids so I can’t really add anything. I spank my siblings when they’re misbehaving but I think that it’s no longer allowed to spank kids nowadays, the government might incarcerate you.


    I believe my parents followed how their parents raised them… I would need books too when my hubby and me have our own kids, though… :)


    my daughter as well is the same though she don’t wanna go back in philippines haha. i always explains her that she needs tp be a good so santa ail give the exact presents she wants for xmas! haha and never yell at kids thats for sure xx


    Nice book, it will help many mothers out there, especially those children who are very spoiled and hard to discipline. I just met, yesterday, a mother who suffer her son’s ka-pilyohan…


    I make them sleep!.. Being consistent with rewards and consequences work too! I’d check out this book!


    As per the Bible’s instruction:

    A rod and a reprimand impart wisdom, but a child left undisciplined disgraces its mother.
    When the wicked thrive, so does sin, but the righteous will see their downfall.
    Discipline your children and they will give you peace, they will give you the delights you desire. Prov 29:15-17

    Using a rod (never use your hands) is necessary to discipline kids but it has to be followed by an explanation.


    I have a 3-year old toddler and a teenager son and a 16-year old daughter. I also have a hard time dealing with them and I think there’s no real SECRET but communication and understanding what goes in their minds. Sometimes, we only regard our own feelings and never realize that they have own issues that should be resolved first before we instill some discipline. Maybe, each of our children has their own characters and each of them needs different approach.


    My tip: Give your kids a hug every now and then. Most of the times a simple hug connects and eases everything.

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