Aug 162012
Are you fond of eating blueberry? If you don’t oh, you surely miss something in your life. I love blueberry and the whole family does. A week ago we were so excited when my husband informed us that we’ll be out for Blueberry picking by Sunday. We drove around the farm in Vancouver and finally we saw the place offering “you pick your own blueberry.” As far as I remember its cost per pound is $.05.
So here we go for the day trip.
 The kids busy detaching the fruit from the tree. They work hard huh but without pay. lol!

 What a pose before getting ready to weigh our harvest to the farm owner.
  Our manager, my husband, he was busy surveying the land while we were also busy picking the berries. lol! Well folks it was a fun weekend experience for my whole family. How about you what did you during the weekend?

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