May 062012
A mother who needs help? Hmmm… that’s me! I really need help in disciplining my 4 y.o. son and 3.y.o daughter. I want them to grow a responsible, respectful and to possess more positive desirable behavior as an individual. Right now I am crawling in gathering ideas from different inputs. That is how frustrated I am at the very moment folks. The parenting book I’m craving to read is 1-2-3 Magic but I couldn’t find its hard copy when I went over to the different bookstores around Cebu City. I just ordered it online, at ebay. Now I’m on the queue. I am so anxious to read its smart and effective ideas so I could apply as quickly as possible to my two little companions. 
I could say that they need an immediate transformation especially that only me and them are visible inside the house. What I am asking from the Lord is always make me physically and emotionally healthy to do my daily household chores and so I could be able to take care of my children. And of course I need an boundless patience because it is a must.

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