Apr 042012
I met this book while we were at the shopping mall being displayed at the corner. It made my eyes wide open upon reading the title. Hmmm.. I’m sure you know already. As a mom endless patience is very important or else you’ll end up to shouting and spanking.
Nowadays, that children have lots of temptations- like online games, influenced with friends (especially when started schooling) kids can easily adopt or imitate what’s in the outside home. I admit I had raised my voice to my children they were so stubborn but honestly I felt guilty afterwards because I know it shouldn’t be like that.
I have read different books on how to raise the kids, and it seems I need to read and read more. So my next episode will be the fun reading and application of this book in the title below.

To mom out there, I have a question for you- How did you able to fight not to shout and spank your children? Would you mind sharing your techniques or tips here to the other mom?

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