Feb 072012
I registered Mom’s Villa on entrecard months ago but until now still on waiting for approval. Why that long entrecard huh? Basing on the rules you have, so far my blog is qualified. If you don’t want to approve my blog why let me wait this long? I already wrote directly and ask what’s the problem, but until now there’s still no answer from Entrecard. I placed my EC badge a long time ago I think that was last year and now still on queue, hanging on the wall. Sigh! I hope I could receive a feedback whether good or bad at least I will know.

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    Hey Mom’s Villa, you have a nice blog. I think I’ve been using Entrecard for several years and they are not very responsive. Also, I believe they must having some serious technical problems because my Entrecard account has been down for a week. First the Entrecard scanner would not recognize the widget on my blog, now I cannot even get into my account. I’ve emailed them too with no response. I wish someone would set up a better Entrecard.

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