Feb 152012

From this remarkable rainy day I challenged myself to make a daily post for this abandoned blog. I think I need to do it for the sake my paid domain which has not yet been paid since the very first purchase. Lol! This blog has not become fruitful like my other domain blogs. So start the challenge, here we go with son’s bruise.

This morning I felt irritated because one, I let the son go to school. Have him ride on the vehicle going to school despite of the heavy rain. Then, meanwhile, I just hear the motorcycle stopping by outside our gate calling me. I hurriedly go out to check who’s there, and to my surprised I saw son inside the motorcycle because he doesn’t want to get inside their classroom. He’s murmuring and telling this and that about her grandma. I was upset of course because he’s absent for 2 succeeding days. The first was when he witnessed his sister’s King and Queen of Heart’s event and now the 2nd day. He already get dressed but went back home for his unacceptable reason. So because of that I gave him lots of work to do when he arrived home. He did the counting, reading and writing. Sorry son you need to learn!

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