Feb 132012
Yesterday was a bit busy day for me. After fulfilling my online task I rode on a bus going downtown then have my hair done. It was my first experience for the new procedure and I was hesitant because I was afraid if I can’t get the desired result for the paid amount of service. I’m not done yet with the entire session so I need to go back to the salon today. In short I am 1/4 half done. lol!

From the salon I proceed to the store to get the stuff for my daughter as the following day will be their coronation day for the King and Queen of Hearts. Before I hopped again to the bus heading back home I dropped by at the renting gown to get what I have reserved for my princess Aquira, the friend of Princess Leah.

For my hair photo I’ll take it later since I have no time right now folks. So happy Hearts Day everyone!

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