Dec 072011

I am happy to announce that my son has now pass the potty training lesson. After all the hard sessions for him he finally did it. I was giving him a big hand of applause and a gold medal for passing it. lol! At first, being a mom seeing your tots not following instructions is so frustrating. But I know they are still on the level of adjustment period and for mommies that would take a long patience which I found irritating. In my part I just take a pause and have a deep breathe, but sometimes my big mouth can’t be controlled and there I just notice that busy murmuring as fast as a train.

This time I am also grateful that he’s now dry all night long. No more wet bed and diaper expense which is a big savings for me. You know mommies we need to budget at home. Aside from taking care of the babies budgeting is another major subject in every household for mom. So Kudos to all Mommies!

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