Dec 022011
It’s terrible that I have no income lately from my online errands. Grrr…. Where are they now hiding? My “suki” are started disappearing. I think this is because of my blogging ritual lately which is like an electronic switch with on and off. Well I am trying my best to manage my time appropriately.

I admit I don’t like my blogging life being interrupted but I am a mom of two little children that needs attention. We have no more housekeeper lately so my full hands on is highly required. Actually I am happy with this new set up, the no housekeeper because I have full eyes to the kids from home to their school activities. Even though I have no income lately but it’s okay because I have no housekeepers to pay which I used to have 2. Plus you know they are additional expenses when it comes to food and other personal things needed for themselves like soap, shampoo etc. Still I could say I am a winner even though no personal income but I lessened the household expenses.

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    Mas matumal nga ngayon compared last year. Good for you sis for being hands on. Mahirap talaga mag stay at home at gumawa ng household chores, take care of the kids plus budgeting of finances pa.

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