Dec 102011

My children’s preschool will be having soon a Christmas party. As part of it they are required to contribute 150 pesos or $3.5 for the food and drinks and that limits to 2 companions per student which is not bad. In the last preschool where son was attended I remember they had their Christmas party held at Crown Regency Lapu-Lapu function hall and the contribution was 500.00 pesos per companion. It was great though since hubby and I witness the whole event. Of course son had fun as well especially Santa Clause gave him a gift. lol.

For this coming party the students will be having their exchange gift with the minimum of 50 pesos content and that excludes the amount of the wrapper. Hmmm… What can I buy in that amount nowadays? I think I need to go to Novo or Unitop. lol!

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